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President’s Update Fall 2021

Published September 9th, 2021



Greetings! I have taken the baton from Ken Carloni to be president of Umpqua Watersheds.  His dedication to the organization is inspiring. He is a founding member and has been involved in the organization ever since. Other than being class president in second grade, the only other time I have [...]

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Published June 19th, 2021

Ken Carloni

Greetings once again, fellow conservationists! As I noted in our Virtual Banquet, this is the last newsletter in which I will be greeting you as president. New officers will be elected at our June board meeting, and we will announce new officers shortly thereafter.
We have been very active in the last [...]

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President’s Corner

Published March 7th, 2021


For several years, Umpqua Watersheds has been the target of bizarre attacks by Todd Vaughn in our local newspaper and elsewhere. Some of you who still read the News Review may be wondering why we have never responded to him.

The UW board has steadfastly chosen [...]

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Look for Year-End Report Coming Soon

Published December 2nd, 2020

Well, 2020 is rapidly coming to a close, and most of us are saying , “Good riddance!” While the year has had its share of difficulties and social disruption, you, our loyal supporters, have stuck with us.

The pandemic has forced us to retool the way we work, communicate, and raise funds. [...]

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From the President

Published September 7th, 2020


I’ve been thinking lately of Dr. Seuss’ beloved character, the Lorax, who famously proclaimed “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.”

Since 1995, Umpqua Watersheds has been speaking for the trees and for the entire panoply of life they support. Our faithful supporters over these two and [...]

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President’s Report–Summer 2020

Published June 18th, 2020

OK, everything’s different… Now what?

Like everyone else, we at Umpqua Watersheds are trying to navigate the Coronavirus landscape in a safe and proactive way. Face to face meetings are a fading memory, replaced by small pixelated images on screens from our home offices. Traditional social events are canceled or postponed indefinitely, and we’ve all [...]

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Umpqua Watersheds: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Published March 16th, 2020

By Ken Carloni, President

As the long winter ebbs and wildflowers begin to poke their heads up, I find myself thinking back to a beautiful spring day in 1996. It was the year of the infamous “salvage rider” that opened up thousands of acres of old growth forests to logging for one year. That was [...]

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Published December 6th, 2019


Greetings Fellow Conservationists! In our Fall 2019 newsletter, I filled you in on some changes happening inside the UW organization, and I’d like to add more detail here. But first, I’d like to share some recent progress at UW.


We had a great strategic planning meeting at the end of October [...]

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Presidents Corner

Published September 24th, 2019

Presidents Corner… Ken Carloni

Greetings faithful UW supporters! I’d like to fill you in on some changes happening in our organization.


First, I am just beginning my third term as president of UW. I became UW’s second president from 1996-8, and took another turn in that office from 2009-12. I have some ideas about [...]

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Summer 2019

Published June 18th, 2019

Presidents Report.. Stan Petrowski

 “I Heard It Through The Grape Vine”

 This year I will have served on the Umpqua Watersheds Board of Directors for ten years. Of those ten years I have spent eight on the Executive Committee. Three as VP and five as President. Recently I announced to the Board that I would [...]

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