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President’s Corner-Winter 2023

Published December 10th, 2023 in President's Corner

By Janice Reid

Wow, where did 2023 go? Time is something that we cannot get back, and we must use it wisely. We all reflect on things we are grateful for at Thanksgiving: our friends, family, and health. We often take health for granted until something stops functioning well. Sometimes, we are so focused on “doing things” that we forget that we must acquire resources to do them. The health of our organization is doing quite well. Thanks to our office manager Melanie, who is akin to the organization’s doctor, she maintains appointments, ensures a proper influx of key ingredients, and sends reminders when we go off track with our wellness plan. Her time is valuable, and we use every minute of it. We need her and her energy, but we need a continuous flow of donations to use her services. Even small monthly contributions are helpful. The consistency of the donations is key to having our regular office staff on hand for needed services to operate the office. Melanie helped get the year-end appeal letter out to our membership by planning, being ready, and pitching in with a smile. A big shout-out to our Office Manager, Melanie MacKinnon, for being there for the organization and keeping it moving in the right direction.


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