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Conservation Update

Published March 12th, 2024

Lethal Barred Owl Removal…by Janice Reid


There are several opinions on the proposal by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to lethally remove barred owls within the range of [...]

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Conservation Update- Tyee Complex Fire

Published December 10th, 2023

“A Good Fire”

By Janice Reid


The high severity of the Archie Creek Fire in 2020 was a real shock to most of us who live, work, or play [...]

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OSU backs out of proposal to Manage Elliott State Forest

Published November 17th, 2023


President Murthy Letter to State Land Board 11-13-2023


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Message from Department of State lands regarding the Elliott Forest

Published November 17th, 2023

View this email in your browser A Message from DSL Director Vicki Walker November 14, 2023

Dear Elliott State Research [...]

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Conservation Committee Update: Fall 2023

Published September 10th, 2023

During the last few months, the Conservation Committee followed up with several state and federal projects.


In July, the Forest Service held an information meeting [...]

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Conservation Update- Illegal activities on BLM

Published June 15th, 2023

by Janice Reid


Timber harvesting and related activities such as road building can devastate forest ecosystems and biodiversity. Monitoring public land and the activities in our forests is of [...]

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Conservation Update-Danger Tree Removal

Published March 8th, 2023


By Janice Reid

Here in the Umpqua, we have so many entities that make policies and decisions about the land. Federal, state, county, private, city, tribal, and non-governmental [...]

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Published December 8th, 2022

By Janice Reid
DIFFICULTIES IN ACCESSING OUR PUBLIC LANDS ARE ON the rise. Public land management agencies invite the public to comment on their management actions, but in many [...]

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Hikes in the Archie Creek Fire area of the North Umpqua River

Published September 19th, 2022

With the trails reopening Diana and Connie went on post fire hike to Fall Creek Falls and Susan Creek Falls. Fall Creek Trail bridge is replaced. The view is of [...]

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Published September 10th, 2022

By Angela Jenson

I often write about what our Conservation Committee is doing, the challenges we face in our efforts, and inevitably, the ongoing uphill battle of climate change [...]

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