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President’s Corner

Published June 15th, 2023 in President's Corner, UW Blogs

by Janice Reid

It is so encouraging to have supporters continue to give to Umpqua Watersheds so that the programs, events, and activities can continue. The recent Annual Banquet showed the dedication of so many of you as you stayed even through the rain. Many of the programs at Umpqua Watersheds have been a part of the organization for decades. Some programs are relatively new. We know that we can only continue or expand our programs with you—a big THANK YOU to all who continue donating.

A suggestion at the banquet came from Alysia Gaye to make your donations monthly. This is a great way to help the organization by providing a stable and reliable source of income. Shortfalls in funding can shift our time and resources from programs to fundraising. The good news is that there are several ways to do that. Our donation page at has a check box where you can indicate a recurring donation. You can make this weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

While this is an easy way to make a recurring donation, your donation could have a bigger impact by donating directly to the UW bank account from your bank account as a payment. This transaction will save UW the fees associated with the online giving platform, and your donation will have a bigger impact. If you have trouble or want to know more about how to make a bank-to-bank transfer, please call the UW office and speak with Melanie. She will walk you through it and get it all set up.

On our website is a page specifically dedicated to legacy giving. When you visit, you will find information on ways to set up donations from your retirement account, will, or life insurance policies.

Many businesses sponsor Umpqua Watersheds as well with their donations. Our Earth Day Oregon 2023 campaign received donations from Oregon Serigraphics through t-shirts, Medicine Flower donated 10% of sales in April, and Two Shy Brewing donated proceeds from beer sales of their popular Umpqua Trail IPA on Earth Day. Every little bit helps, and we cannot exist without their support.



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