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President’s Corner- Fall 2023

Published September 10th, 2023 in President's Corner, UW Blogs

While I am not in the Umpqua Valley, my heart aches for the many friends challenged once again by the unhealthy smoke and threatening fires from the recent lightning strikes of last month’s thunderstorm. It reminds us again how the forces of nature can shape our lives, our plans for the future, and our mental health. As we were preparing for our trip, one of my biggest worries was the possibility of fires at this time of year. My fears were not without merit. Accepting that fires will happen is necessary; what we can do about it to limit the effect on us and our friends is another. We can help the firefighters by protecting our homes from a wildfire. As we saw in Hawaii recently, it is not just forests that burn. The Hawaii fires brought to light the devastating effects of invasive species and drastic changes to our natural environment. The natural vegetation, although not impervious to fire, is better adapted to the conditions of our area. The ornamentals we plant around our house may be an inferno waiting to happen. On our property just north of Roseburg, we participate in the Firewise program. Although we may not do some things perfectly, we have done some things to limit our risk, and we do more as each year passes. Once I learned about the volatility of the juniper bushes that the previous owner planted, they were the priority for removal. Juniper will flame up even when they are green. Many tall, non-native grasses require yearly trimming, especially around our small native trees. As I said, our efforts may not be immense, but every effort contributes to the main goal, no matter how small.

We often think that our efforts can only contribute a little and that we need a lot of effort to make a difference. With Umpqua Watersheds, this is sometimes just the case. But even a little contribution can be immensely helpful. Keeping the office cleaned up, the facilities in good repair, and running errands or making deliveries is helpful.

Our facility requires attention, but not constant attention. Upkeep is important with 3 rental units and the main Umpqua Watersheds office. It can be helpful to contribute simple things such as weeding the back parking area, picking up trash, removing old telephone wiring, or repairing a toilet (all things that I have done).

We also have opportunities related to contacting businesses to support the radio station as underwriters, sponsoring events such as Brew Fest and River Appreciation Day, or organizing hikes and community events such as river cleanup.

Let us know if you have an idea for a radio show that you can help see through to reality. Community-related radio content is important, and we could use contributions from you.

Every little bit helps.



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