The volunteers of the Umpqua Watersheds Conservation Committee work to hold the line, the “thin green line” that represents the intact portions of our area watersheds. We often do so by monitoring management proposals of the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Department of Forestry, Bureau of Indian Affairs and more.

Given the typical, often heavily impacted condition of the lands comprising the “checkerboard” pattern of alternating ownerships on the Oregon Coast Range and the west slope of the Cascades, we tend to most closely watch proposals made by the Roseburg and Coos Bay Districts of the BLM. With both the Forest Service and the BLM, UW’s Conservation arm does this by participating in the National Environmental Policy Act process, filing timely comments on timber sales and other proposals. When subsequent agency actions warrant it, we file protests with the relevant district; protests denied by BLM, we resort to the Interior Board of Land Appeals.

The Conservation Committee strives to fight an effective rear guard action in defense of our watersheds, until such time as regulation, spurred by wide spread public sentiment, is better positioned to end the destruction and begin the long term rehabilitation of our precious lands.

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“To conserve and protect our recreational, aesthetic and environmental values in our forested parks.”

Douglas County Parks Resource Advisory Committee ( DCPARC) was formed in 2015 after the Douglas Co. commissioners approved the clear cutting of Dave Busenbark County Park, a twenty three acre park along the Coos Bay Wagon road.

DCPARC opposes commercial exploitation, over development and resource extraction from parks solely for short term capital gains, greed and a business model that calls for running the parks like a business.

We support park management founded on volunteerism, collaboration, public involvement, government transparency, consensus building and good stewardship for future generations.

Our advocacy for the protection and restoration of County parks includes attendance at monthly Parks Advisory Board meetings as well as Board of Commissioners’ meetings and other County meetings as well.

As a result of our quest for greater transparency our actions have expanded into a watch dog role for all County matters, especially budget and land use issues. We also volunteered our efforts to pick up trash along the Riverside trail for the Roseburg Parks Dept.

Please support us in our mission.

Remember Busenbark!!