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Executive Director Update..Summer 2020

Published June 18th, 2020

Executive Director Update:…Kasey Hovik

These are historic times with challenges which were unimagined by many of us just a few months ago. While we grieve the loss of life, the incredible stress and strain on our front-line medical providers, we must strive to find ways to manage and even improve in our organizations and [...]

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Help Save the Beaver in Oregon

Published June 7th, 2020




Dear Umpqua Watersheds Supporters:

Engineers are not necessarily what conservationists find endearing, however, when it comes to natural engineers, we are all for it. The state animal, the beaver, is key to healthy water systems. Beaver activity is [...]

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Action item! BLM rule change could limit public input.

Published June 3rd, 2020

BLM Timber Protest and Salvage Announcement 5-28-20

We will need public as soon as we are able. Check back here for the address to comment or follow the links below to find the information.

  • 15-day official protests of logging decisions began in 1984
  • Elimination would speed logging projects for wildfire

The U.S. [...]

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Umpqua Watersheds is accepting applications for their 2020-2021 AmeriCorps Environmental Education Position

Published May 16th, 2020

Update: We are no longer accepting applications. We have filled the position.


Please go to the link below to apply for the position through United Communities AmeriCorps.



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One Step Closer to Endangered

Published April 12th, 2020

For Immediate Release, April 10, 2020



Stanley Petrowski, Umpqua Watersheds, (541) 825-3070,

Conrad Gowell, Native Fish Society, (971) 237-6544,

Jeff Miller, Center for Biological Diversity, (510) 499-9185,


Oregon Coast Spring Chinook Salmon One Step Closer to Endangered Species Protections

PORTLAND, Ore.— The National Marine Fisheries [...]

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Governor’s Climate Change Action Plan

Published April 11th, 2020

The Oregon Governor has issued her action plan for climate action:


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Home Explorer Series launched today!

Published April 6th, 2020

I’m so excited to unveil our new Home Explorer series! This is something I’ve been working on for a few weeks and learning all kinds of new skills in online learning and website design! I look forward to getting feedback and watching this portal grow every week. I know that there are so many online [...]

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Conservation Update

Published March 16th, 2020

By Diana Pace

Elliott State Forest

The Elliott State Forest (ESF) is 93,000 acres of the Central Oregon coast range and the only significant state owned old growth forest in Oregon. Oregon State University (OSU) and the College of Forestry are in negotiations with the state for the future management direction of the ESF. [...]

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The Slow Grind for Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Published March 16th, 2020

by Stan Petrowski

Most of you will recall that Umpqua Watersheds has partnered with the Native Fish Society and the Center for Biological Diversity to submit a petition for the listing of Oregon’s Spring Chinook under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The process is a long and arduous one; requiring many months of preparation. Before [...]

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AmeriCorps: Education Spotlight

Published March 16th, 2020

by Robyn Bath-Rosenfeld

The New Year is off to an amazing start in my role as the Environmental Educator and Outreach Leader. On January 20th for MLK Day, I organized our annual river clean up with fellow-AmeriCorps Janelle Polcyn from the BlueZones Project. At Gaddis Park in Roseburg, over [...]

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