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Summer 2019

Published June 18th, 2019 in President's Corner

Presidents Report.. Stan Petrowski

 “I Heard It Through The Grape Vine”

 This year I will have served on the Umpqua Watersheds Board of Directors for ten years. Of those ten years I have spent eight on the Executive Committee. Three as VP and five as President. Recently I announced to the Board that I would like to step down as President. Wow! That set off a fire storm I hadn’t expected. I received calls and emails asking why I was resigning from UW. That shocked me because the idea had not crossed my mind. I am deeply committed to the UW vision and mission. I will still be involved on the Board and Chair the Restoration Committee. I have important work to do with our KQUA radio station and my Radioactive Restoration Show.

I don’t feel that term limits as an organizational officer is always the best case scenario. Nevertheless I have also seen bad things happen when an individual tries to hold on to an office just for the sake of having it. It has been an honor to serve UW in the capacity that I have. It my sincere hope to continue to invest my time and energy in the work that needs to be done. Please rest assured that very little will change with regard to the projects I am involved in. I still have some steam left in the boiler.

During our June Board meeting we will hold our annual Officer elections. I have faith in the ability of the Board to replace me and keep the organization vibrant. I am very proud of the legacy I am leaving behind as President. UW is much stronger now than it was ten years ago. I will continue support our growth and effectiveness as time goes on.

So just for clarification. I will continue on the Board and hand off the Chair to our next President this June. Thank you for all of the support over the last five years.



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