River Appreciation Day

Join us Saturday July 17, 2021 at Whistler’s Bend Park Day Use Area

Musicians are asked and encouraged to bring instruments and join in on a music circle. Even if you aren’t a musician, you can participate, kick back and enjoy the river, sing along, play some games, and enjoy the company of friends.

Our original venue, Steamboat Ball Field is unavailable due to the Jack Fire and the need for firefighters to utilize the space.

A remembrance of David Parker, longtime UW member will also be a featured event.


Saturday, July 17th, 2021 is River Appreciation day in Oregon. It began in Roseburg in 1987 by local community members concerned about the condition and the future of the Umpqua River. There will not be a group celebration this year due to the Corona Virus. In the past, annual celebrations have featured music, dancing, and good food somewhere along a part of the local river. Please use the day and your concern to pick up trash while enjoying the beauty and pleasures of the water.

In 1987 Roseburg built a new $12 million dollar sewage treatment plant. There were not enough funds left to incorporate a backup generator.  Sure, enough several power outages soon occurred and sewage was spilled into the river. Concerned citizens protested these events and the chastened city managed to find a surplus government generator. The spills were over.

The activists decided to celebrate the river’s values in a positive way and held a music and entertainment festival at River Forks Park. It is repeated each year around the county and will be back after the pandemic is over. We are all most fortunate to have such excellent rivers around us. Use this weekend to visit, enjoy, take care of and celebrate this gift to all of us.

In 2019, our event was at Whistler’s Bend Park in Douglas County Oregon

River Appreciation Day