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Published June 19th, 2021 in Administration, President's Corner

Ken Carloni

Greetings once again, fellow conservationists! As I noted in our Virtual Banquet, this is the last newsletter in which I will be greeting you as president. New officers will be elected at our June board meeting, and we will announce new officers shortly thereafter.
We have been very active in the last quarter, as you’ve seen in the presentations during our Virtual Banquet (  Congratulations, again, and much thanks to our annual award winners.  Wife and Husband team, Connie Page and Rick Kreofsky, are our volunteers of the year. Given for their work on the wilderness committee, organizing hikes, and participating in river cleanups.  Susan Applegate is our Conservationist of the year for her work on the Applegate Wildlife Area. Her efforts to provide habitat for native species is worthy of this award. The lifetime Volunteer is awarded to Stuart Lieboitz who has dedicated his life to climate change awareness. His passion and work with the Douglas County Global Warming Coalition is notable. Stan Petrowski is our lifetime conservationist. Stan has been involved in many project, won many awards, and continues to be active with Umpqua Watersheds with his weekly radio show going on 3 years now! In case you missed the presentation, it is still available.   Thank you all!

During my report, I asked you to think about joining the board. Our current board consists of me (President/Conservation), Janice Reid (VP/Newsletter), Mark Eason (Treasurer/Facilities), Diana Pace (Secretary), Eric Stauder (Education), and Tony Cannon (Wilderness). Kasey Hovik is our Executive Director and outreach chair. He also coordinates our staff including the Conservation/Legal Director Angela Jensen, Office Manager Melanie MacKinnon and our AmeriCorps Member, Ryan Kincaid.
As you can see, we have an extraordinarily competent, and congenial crew! But we would like to have a few more board members to spread the load and avoid burn-out. So please consider applying. No special skills or background are required – just a willingness to attend a monthly Zoom meeting and to serve on a committee (Conservation/Restoration, Education, Outreach, Wilderness, Facilities, Grants). Please contact for a board application packet.
If you are not ready to join the board, consider volunteering for on of our committees – that’s a great way to “get your feet wet” and become more involved in the important and rewarding work we do at UW. 
So one way or another, please join our merry band – your watershed needs you!



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