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Fall 2018

Published September 3rd, 2018 in Wilderness


Robbin Schindele

Summer has been a busy time for UW’s Wilderness Committee. We’ve sponsored hikes into our proposed Wilderness with 2 more are scheduled for September. We have increased our Facebook presence to over 1000 views/month and planned events to increase awareness with business supporters. Thanks to Bob Hoehne, Diana Pace, Richard O’Neil and Larry Filosi for leading hikes. Our federal legislators expect support from local businesses in order to introduce our Wilderness Proposal in Congress. We are slowly but steadily doing that. We currently have 66 business endorsements, twice what we had in January of this year. If you know a business owner that would potentially endorse our Wilderness Proposal, please call or email me at Robbin Schindele <>.

In July, the Wilderness Committee hosted an event for Douglas County business supporters at O’Tooles Pub with live music from the local duo “Midnight Darlin’s.”

The room was crowded with laughter and lively conversation.  The willingness to stand with us on this important issue is critical to its success but committee funds are getting lean. Susan Applegate, Bob Hoehne and Alysia Gaye each spoke a few words and Richard Chasm kicked off the giving by handing me a check. After that, we had checks, cash and pledges that helped raise over $1600. It was a fun night with a great positive energy. THANKS FOR COMING AND YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS!

Proposals for key issues for Oregon Outdoors were solicited in April of 2018 for submission to the 2019 Oregon Legislature. In August, I attended the Oregon Outdoors Coalition meeting in Bend where the proposals were reviewed and prioritized. “Oregon Outdoors is a coalition of outdoor recreation businesses, conservation groups, recreation organizations, and individuals who are committed to the preservation of Oregon’s outdoor assets for future generations.” And focuses on three areas.

 Ensuring Oregon has the adequate state and federal FUNDING necessary to maintain and sustainably grow its world-class outdoor recreation infrastructure.

 Conserving and preserving Oregon’s outdoor PLACES while ensuring maintained public access and broad public benefit.

 Supporting policies and partnerships that engage and inspire all of Oregon’s PEOPLE to experience Oregon outdoor places in order to foster the next generation of Oregon’s outdoor advocates.

Networking was a great part of the August meeting including connections to the governor, Keen Footwear, Office of Outdoor Recreation, Oregon Wild, and Oregon Outdoor Alliance.

In August, 8 members of the Wilderness Committee attended the meeting of Rep. Peter DeFazio’s Roseburg Town Hall holding signs in the front row in support of the CLWP. Although we were prepared with questions, we did not get called upon. Rep DeFazio saw our signs and afterward spoke with Bob Hoehne about the proposal. Thank you, WOW members that attended: Robin & Gerald Wisdom, Bob Hoehne, Diana Pace, Susan Applegate, M. A. Hansen and Alicia Gaye for taking the time to come and be seen.


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