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Fall 2017

Published September 7th, 2017 in President's Corner

Stanley Petrowski

New Conservation Committee Meetings

We’ve been very busy. Our committee meetings have been consistent going forward. UW is pleased to announce that the Conservation committee chaired by Vice President and volunteer Joseph Patrick Quinn. His work load responding to timber contract proposals has been piling up. Careful documentation and insight into the workings of agencies and the laws that govern them is arduous work. Paddy’s now meeting on a regular basis with interested members to shore up that aspect of UW’s work load. If you’re interested in working with Paddy, send him an email. It’s plain to see that our work is mounting and will continue increasing as the weeks and months of the current administration in Washington D.C. rolls out their anti-regulation agenda.

Great progress has been made in cleaning up and transforming our newly acquired office building. In the not too distant future we plan to use one of the smaller rooms as the KQUA radio studio.

KQUA-LP Non-Commercial Community Radio

“Just enough wattage to enlighten your cottage”

If you have an interest in underwriting our radio programming please send your support to the Watersheds’ headquarters specifically mentioning the purpose of your gift. All donations to the station are tax deductible. KQUA is Umpqua Watersheds’ flagship radio station. We recently requested a frequency change from the Federal Communications Commission. We found our signal crowded out by a commercial classic country station out of Bandon, Oregon. The FCC has just granted us permission for the change from 96.5 to 99.7 FM on August 11th. We’re ready to roll. Some of Umpqua Watersheds’ programming will begin transmitting this month. We’re starting out slowly and hope to grow into a real community asset in the coming year. Our first programming efforts might seem to need a little polish but over time you will

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be able to grow with us and watch our skills and content mature. We’re grass roots and learning. Your feedback is welcome. Contact information etc. will be announced on the station as we proceed. Be patient with us as we roll over the bumps.

The Upper South Umpqua River

We are hoping to get the upper South Umpqua River, from Tiller on up to Black Canyon Creek designated as a State Scenic Wild Waterway. It certainly deserves that status. Apparently ODFW and significant others in our region are opposing this. Our only hope to move that effort forward is an up swell of grass roots support. Those of you who know how special that segment of the National Forest is should let the State know that you want that designation for the upper South. Contact:

Alex Phillips

Oregon Parks and Recreation <>

​(503) 986-0631


It’s unfortunate that down town Roseburg is fading like an autumn leaf. Look at our surroundings. Roseburg is nestled in one of the most beautiful and diverse eco regions of the world. People from all over the world flock to the Umpqua. Crater Lake, Diamond Lake, the wonders of the coast and what remains of our ancient forests draws people like a healing magnate. People come and marvel at their experiences and the therapy forest bathing affords.

Notwithstanding, the businesses continue to close downtown and the County continues to focus all of its attention on cutting down the forests of our national public trust as the sole solution to its fiscal woes. We so need to get past this. The war to protect the natural world will never abate until a viable solution is found. Let the brain trust of concerned environmentalists in our region come up with a solution. It’s time for us to go on the offensive in this struggle.

Special Thanks and Gratitude

I want to send a personal thank you and acknowledgement for those of you giving us your support. You know who you are. Your volunteer time and contributions are invaluable. We couldn’t make it without you. I sincerely hope you enjoy this newsletter. There’s so much going on we couldn’t possibly put it all in this format. We’re thrilled to be aligned with life and guarding and restoring the precious treasures of the natural world around us. We’re grateful that the community of likeminded individuals is growing in our region. It is meaningful, rewarding, healthy and beautiful to engage our mission and vision. We’re glad you are part of it as we go forward.


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