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Facility Management

Winter 2017

Published December 1st, 2017 in Facility Management

Facility Management

John Hunter

All good things….Well, the dust is settling from our building acquisition and the realization is setting in. Now that Umpqua Watersheds owns the office building, we have a few maintenance and upgrade items that we need to address. The Facility Management Committee has been busy getting a list together. Monetary contributions are not the exclusive way that we think that you can contribute. We would like to ask our members who have skills, materials and/or funds to help with these upgrades or maintenance.  If you have skills that can help us with plumbing, roofing, interior repair (dry wall or plaster), cabinetry, carpentry, renovation or building security and would like to donate your time or work for a reduced rate, we could use your contribution. If you would like to help with a cash donation instead, indicate the building maintenance fund on your contribution. Our first priority is the roof repair and then the interior restoration resulting from the leak in the roof. Please contact John Hunter at if you would like to help.


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