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Wilderness Update – Winter 2023

Published December 10th, 2023 in Wilderness

By Diana Pace

Wilderness Committee by Diana Pace

On the Umpqua Watersheds website Wilderness Committee link, there is now an interactive Crater Lake Wilderness Map that allows you to zoom in or out and view the details of the proposed wilderness areas. While on the site, view the Water video by Tony Cannon. It’s informative and inspirational.


Cow Creek


The committee has been working with a conflict resolution specialist to help us proceed with some problematic areas of the wilderness proposal with promising direction.  We have been planning exciting winter indoor activities. February 1st: The Ladies in Tennis Shoes historical display will be moved from Steamboat Inn to the Roseburg library lobby. We plan to coincide with an event about the Benefits of Wilderness on February 23rd with exciting guest speakers and Bob Hoehne’s updated Crater Lake Wilderness Proposal PowerPoint. Stay tuned for details. While on the website, please sign up to volunteer with the Wilderness Committee. You are needed and can make a difference.


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