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Wilderness Update

Published March 16th, 2020 in UW Blogs, Wilderness

The Wilderness committee has been busy this winter. Crater Lake Wilderness Coordinator Robbin Schindele has been working on activities and events in the coming year. Susan Applegate and Robbin have teamed up to spread the word about the economic benefits protecting public lands brings to individuals, communities and businesses. This is very important information that is often overlooked. They have created a presentation they would be very pleased to bring to anyone interested. If that’s you, just email .

Susan had a great guest editorial in the News Review on Feb. 9th. She spoke very well about the many important reasons that Oregon’s only National Park should be overlaid with Wilderness protection just as so many other National Parks around the United States are; and the value of protecting the last of the wild areas outside of the park. Primitive areas supply many ecological services such as storing carbon to help fight climate change and protecting the headwaters of 5 iconic rivers in Southwest Oregon. This has opened up a debate in the larger community about Wilderness protection of public lands. The grandeur of Crater Lake, along with its purest and clearest water on Earth, Ancient Forest, Water Falls, Rivers and raw beauty make it easy to speak out for its protection. The wild areas in this wilderness proposal are some of the last of the wild areas left.

Writing a letter to the editor and/or to our Federal legislators is a good way of helping support this proposal. We also need people who can lead hikes, fundraise, outreach to businesses and much more to help us work for this proposal. We want to welcome our newest Wilderness members – Phil and Janice of Glide and John of Roseburg. Also thank our biggest supporter, Medicine Flower of Glide [Alysia Gaye] who is also the new Secretary of the Wilderness committee.

I am stepping down from being the chair of the wilderness committee. It has been a very big honor for me! Leading a committee that is trying to protect one of the most special places on Earth is rewarding. I will be going back to giving slide show presentations of the beautiful proposed Wilderness and getting a 2nd slide show going that focuses on Wilderness education. If you know of a group that would like to see either of them let me know.

One of UW’s hardest workers, Diana Pace, is now the Chair of the Wilderness committee. Diana is an avid hiker who knows the area well and will be leading some hikes into the proposed wilderness this Spring and Summer. The Wilderness committee meets the last Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm at the UW office. Feel free to join us any time.

“Where the trees are tall and the river is small and I am in awe.”

Bob Hoehne



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