Educator Resources


A BIG thank you to the Clif Family Foundation

& Roundhouse Foundation for contributing the funds needed

to make our second Learning in the Umpqua event

(training for local educators) a success!


Below are the recordings of some of the sessions from the April 2022 training.

“Exploring a Sense of Place Through Our Wild Selves” ~ Presented by Deb Matlock

“Interactive STEAM Watershed Activity” ~ Presented by Tiffany Windle

“Intro to Nature Journaling for K – 5 Educators” ~ Presented by John Muir Laws

“Opportunities with Elkton Community Education Center” ~ Presented by Morgan Fay

“STEAM at Work in the Community – Talent Maker City” ~ Presented by Alli French

“Monitoring Streams is Noticing What You See, and Writing it Down” ~ Presented by Mikeal Jones

“Surveying Wetland-Dependent Amphibians & Addressing Wetland Conditions & Recovery” ~ Presented by Cindy Haws

“Using LIDAR in K-12 Education” ~ Presented by Tony Cannon

“Post-Fire Recovery” ~ Presented by Spencer Dieterich

Check out the recordings from our March 2021 “Learning in the Umpqua Watershed” training:

“The Past, Present, & Future of Oregon’s Forests” ~ Presented by Ken Carloni

“Environmental Challenges in Our Community” ~ Presented by Janice Reid

“How & Why to Teach About Climate Change” ~ Presented by Ian Shanahan

“Forest Bathing & The Art of Resiliency” ~ Presented by Michelle Winter

“Creative Problem Solving & STE(A)M” ~ Presented by Ryan Kincaid

“Nature Journaling” ~ Presented by Susan Applegate