Classroom Instruction

Teachers are often tasked with educating large groups of students on a limited budget. This can make it challenging to provide experiential education in the classroom and outdoors. Our AmeriCorps educators provide support for teachers in many ways, from chaperoning field trips to assisting with experiments, in order to give students a more interactive experience.

Our AmeriCorps educator is currently partnering with Joseph Lane Middle School’s 6th grade science teachers. She brings in interactive activities and labs to cover concepts surround watersheds and the water cycle, invasive species and human impacts on the environment. Over several days each term, she is able to engage all 8 science classes!

We have partnered with Fremont Middle School’s Natural Resources class, where our educators provided extra support during garden project days. At Winston Middle School, students have performed experiments with extra teachers in the room to assist them in their studies. At several of our Science Wednesday partner schools, our educators have taken the chance to teach environmental concepts in class to students who aren’t able to make it for the after-school program.

If you are interested in having our educators assist in a classroom, contact the Education Committee Chair, Ken Carloni (