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Upper Rogue River and Natural Bridge Hike

Published October 21st, 2020 in UW Blogs

10-17-20 Some of us camped at Natural Bridge (Union Creek area) the night before in a lovely forest on the river and by the Rogue River Trail. We gathered in the morning for a fun day of easy delightful hiking from Rogue Gorge viewpoint to Natural Bridge, about 5 miles one way

the river and the lave tube

Rogue River Trail

Natural Bridge over the lava tube

. The Gorge is dark deep and foreboding with wildly rushing river. The middle of this section is sunny and calmer with the fall colors on the bank reflected in the river. It was delightful to watch Lincoln, the Irish Setter, sprint about in and out of the water. Natural Bridge is a phenomenon where the entire river disappears into an ancient lava tube and comes rushing and frothing out the other side. One could cross the river on the natural bridge but the area is fenced for safety.

I recommend experiencing the delightful hikes of the 47 mile Upper Rogue River trail which starts at Boundary Springs and ends at Prospect, Oregon. Diana


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