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Facility Management

Summer 2018

Published May 30th, 2018 in Facility Management

Facilities Management

John Hunter

It has been an exciting and busy spring for the Facilities Management Committee. As we continue to improve Umpqua Watersheds’ major asset – our building at 539 SE Main St. As of April 1, all four of our office spaces have become rented. We are fortunate to have honest and dedicated tenants.

In May, Matt Leaton of Big X Fabrication and Metal Art installed the long needed metal cap and counter flashing on the parapet walls above our roof. This should alleviate our roof’s chronic leaking problem. We are grateful for Matt’s quality workmanship. We also had our first monthly work session. Inspired by the roof repairs, we sorted and cleaned out our kitchen and mechanical room. (Between the radio room and the kitchen). Thanks to the efforts of Kasey Hovik, Janice Reid, and Diana Pace, we organized the mechanical room and the kitchen. Repairing and painting the ceiling and walls in the kitchen as well as replacing the carpet will enhance its ambiance and provide our members and staff with an enjoyable and communal eating space. We are seeking donations for cabinets, counter tops, and a small refrigerator. Other areas of our ceiling need repairing and repainted, and there are always the unexpected repairs on both floors. An asbestos survey revealed the presence of asbestos below the furnace in our storage shed. Until we secure more funds, removing the furnace will not be possible. However, we hope to rebuild and replace the shed’s leaking roof in September. We are awaiting completion of a sign with the Watersheds logo on it. This will be installed below our second story office to announce our presence to all of Douglas County. There have also been a few setbacks. Our grant proposal to install solar panels on our roof did not make it past the first round. There will be more opportunities. We will learn from experience and be ready for the next grant.

In preparation for the June 24 concert, work sessions in June include power washing and painting the wall behind our parking lot. Ownership requires responsibility. We welcome your help!! Join us on second Saturday work sessions from 9am to 1pm. We also meet the first Tuesday of every month, 6 pm at the Watershed’s office.


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