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From one AmeriCorps to the Next…

Published September 15th, 2020 in Education-AmeriCorps

By Robyn Bath-Rosenfeld

My last day as Umpqua Watershed’s AmeriCorps was on July 31st, 2020. While we couldn’t have a big goodbye party, or attend Twin Lakes Campout or River Appreciation Day, I still had a lot to celebrate. Today’s article is my service’s highlight-reel, a chance to demonstrate the opportunities my position created.

Despite COVID-19 and school closures, I was still able to accomplish a great deal as this organization’s AmeriCorps. In just 11 months, I provided environmental education for 600+ Umpqua youth, hosted events, worked in seven different schools and harnessed the power of 90 volunteers in our community. Once COVID hit, I was still able to distribute 96 @Home Explorer kits to local kids now stuck at home.

I not only had the chance to give as an AmeriCorps, but also to gain. I felt like a sponge this last year, soaking up so much new knowledge in teaching, classroom management, civic responsibility, community service, leadership and planning.

This article is also a chance to say thank you – to show gratitude to all the members of this watershed, especially my supervisor Kasey, who supported me during my time as an AmeriCorps. Thank you to the UW Board Members and staff who provide so much guidance and mentorship. Thank you to the Douglas County public school teachers who opened their classrooms to my environmental lessons and activities. Thank you to the City of Roseburg for helping host our largest event of 2020, the Martin Luther King Day River Clean Up. And finally thank you to all the supporters, sponsors and grantors who have funded our efforts to bring watershed education to the Umpqua.

Now that my service has ended, I will be staying in the area, pursuing a Masters of Teaching so that I can further my ambitions to become a public school science educator. I’ve been so inspired by working with Douglas County students and am ready to take the next step towards become a teacher.

Umpqua Watersheds is welcoming their newest AmeriCorps, Ryan, in September! She is a truly incredible woman with a strong passion for outreach and education! Watersheds is so lucky to bring her on board, all the way from Vermont, no less! It takes a lot for this organization to bring on staff and resources – now that my service is over, and I, like you, am a citizen supporting my watersheds, I ask that you please give what you can, and support UW with a donation today! This donation will go towards our newest AmeriCorps and the resources she will need to take on environmental education and outreach in the age of coronavirus. Thank you for your support and making our service possible!



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