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Episode 12: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Published July 31st, 2021 in Education-AmeriCorps

Episode 12 is all about sustainable gardening and farming! Joanne Gordon (“Granny Organic”) discusses eco-friendly practices for growing your own produce, and Amanda Pastoria of the Umpqua Valley Farmers’ Market shares about this wonderful community resource!

Links/Websites Mentioned in (or related to) Episode 12

Lyrics for “Rainbow” by Marnie Allbritten (Featured in Episode 12)

You’re a rainbow, many-colored threads of sunshine.
You can smile and let it all be fine, you can laugh and let it go.
When the sun shines, you can see yourself through open eyes.
And I know your song will rise in harmony.

When the rains came and the clouds rushed over, capped the sky,
Cold and heavy as a winter sigh, robbed the sun from us below.
But the rainbow is hiding just behind the clouds I know
And beyond the rainbow, that’s where we must go.

Let the sun shine. Let it fill your heart with gladness
Through the hard times and the sadness.
Hold on to that golden light.
In the darkness lies the seed of every sunrise climb.
And I know we’ll shine together, you and me.

We’re all rainbows, many-colored light of sunshine.
We can smile and let it all be fine. We can laugh and we can grow.
When the wind blows we can shelter in each other’s songs
And we’ll weather all the storms and on we’ll go.

(First aired April 3rd-4th, 2021)


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