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Boulder Creek Wilderness-Pine Bench Hike 5-1-24

Six of us brave souls hiked three+ miles uphill into the Pine Bench area of the Boulder Creek Wilderness.   Great weather!  The big challenge was battling the ticks, they were everywhere as we developed tick phobia looking at each other and pulling the little critters off our clothing.   One woman brought her white dog that would run ahead of us shaking the ticks from the brush along the trial.   It wasn’t hard to see all the ticks that were on the dog and probably saving the rest of us from having a good share of them land on us.  The first thing I did when I got home was shed all my clothing outside and take a shower.  Luckily I only found one tick on me.   Sure hope the dog was able to get rid of them. Roundtrip hike 6.8 miles.


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