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From one AmeriCorps to the Next

Published September 7th, 2020

By Robyn Bath-Rosenfeld

My last day as Umpqua Watershed’s AmeriCorps was on July 31st, 2020. While we couldn’t have a big goodbye party, or attend Twin Lakes Campout or River Appreciation Day, I still had a lot to celebrate. Today’s article is my service’s highlight-reel, a chance to demonstrate the opportunities my position [...]

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The next…

Published September 5th, 2020

Ryan Kincaid is a native of the Finger Lakes region of New York. From an early age, she loved to explore the woods, creek, and lake and observe the numerous frogs, chipmunks, and other wildlife near her grandparents’ cottage. Ryan earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Environmental Studies and a Master of Arts in Teaching [...]

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AmeriCorps Education Update..Summer 2020

Published June 18th, 2020
AmeriCorps: Education Spotlight.. Robyn Bath-Rosenfeld

This Spring, Umpqua Watersheds’ is working hard to continue education and outreach during Stay at Home orders. In March, we began our @Home Explorer Series to bring outdoor-minded activities to Umpqua youth at home. Three new activities are posted weekly on our website, with topics ranging from birds to slugs [...]

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Umpqua Watersheds is accepting applications for their 2020-2021 AmeriCorps Environmental Education Position

Published May 16th, 2020

Update: We are no longer accepting applications. We have filled the position.


Please go to the link below to apply for the position through United Communities AmeriCorps.



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Home Explorer Series launched today!

Published April 6th, 2020

I’m so excited to unveil our new Home Explorer series! This is something I’ve been working on for a few weeks and learning all kinds of new skills in online learning and website design! I look forward to getting feedback and watching this portal grow every week. I know that there are so many online [...]

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AmeriCorps: Education Spotlight

Published March 16th, 2020

by Robyn Bath-Rosenfeld

The New Year is off to an amazing start in my role as the Environmental Educator and Outreach Leader. On January 20th for MLK Day, I organized our annual river clean up with fellow-AmeriCorps Janelle Polcyn from the BlueZones Project. At Gaddis Park in Roseburg, over [...]

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Supplied with gratitude!

Published March 13th, 2020

It may not look like much, but these two shelves constitute all of the amazing supplies I use every day to run our environmental education programs.  These resources have been cumulated over years thanks to the dedication of our AmeriCorps program, the amazing support of donors and grantors like the Gray Family Foundation. We are [...]

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Catching up with our AmeriCorps educator

Published February 20th, 2020

Our 2019-2020 AmeriCorps, Robyn, has been hard at work the last 6 months running environmental education programs throughout Douglas County! She’s taught at 7 different schools and engaged with over 500 youth in the district. Through the Science Wednesday after-school program for 5th graders, Robyn has recently been found at Fir Grove Elementary, Lookingglass Elementary, [...]

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AmeriCorps: Education Spotlight

Published December 6th, 2019

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Robyn Bath-Rosenfeld, the new Environmental Educator and Outreach AmeriCorps at UW. My first three months in this position have just flown by and I am loving the chance to work with such amazing youth across multiple school districts in Douglas County. Since September I [...]

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Published September 24th, 2019

EDUCATION REPORT: Is the Time Right for a UW Edutourism Initiative? 

The following two short-term activities are listed in Umpqua Watersheds’ strategic plan for our Education program:

“Conduct feasibility study re: infrastructure necessary for Educational Ecotourism.”

“Acquire a vehicle(s) for field trips and ecotourism in the Umpqua [...]

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