“What’s Up In The Shed?”

What’s going on in the Watershed? Look into the heart of our watershed and discover a world alive with vibrant stories and natural wonders. The watershed is more than a geographical area; it’s a harmonious dance of nature, where animals and plants come together in a celebration of life! Each plant and animal contributes to the vibrant mosaic of biodiversity. From the majestic trees providing shelter to countless creatures, to the industrious insects pollinating colorful blooms, the interconnected web of life makes our watershed a living, breathing masterpiece.

Who are the players? Read on to meet some of the characters and discover little known facts about each of these vital players in our watershed. Keep coming back! New participants will be highlighted frequently. Have a question, or want more information about a favorite resident of yours? Email julie@umpquawatersheds.org and I’d be happy to help!

The Western Fence Lizard





The Black-Tailed Jackrabbit

The Magnificent Bryozoan

The Bull or Gopher Snake

The Pacific Sideband Snail

Turkey Vulture

“By the Wind Sailor”

Yellow Spotted Millipede

Saprophytic plants

Yellow Bellied Marmot






Usnea Lichen