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Viewing the fire aftermath

Published September 27th, 2020 in UW Blogs

I drove Hwy 138 Friday. It’s devastating. It’s charred smoldering remains of the vibrant forest. The once beautiful trees stand as naked skeletons. The North Umpqua Trail is burnt from Apple Creek Rd to Swiftwater Park where the fire burned both sides of the highway. Fall Creek Falls is unrecognizable. Susan Creek Falls was also affected but didn’t look as destroyed as Fall Creek. Not to mention the burned homes I saw and the ones in the forest that I couldn’t see. Really looked like a raging inferno went through there. Another once in a lifetime historic 100 yr event. I will try hard to be optimistic like some folks I know who are good examples.

The Thielsen Fire near Diamond Lake is smaller and no dwellings lost. It’s this side of the lake going towards Howlock Mt and Cinnamon Butte and on both sides of the highway. That area had previously been thinned but there were huge slash piles left about. That couldn’t have helped. This fire looked more natural, not as vicious and utterly destructive

Diana Pace


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