Stream Amphibians and Turtles of Southwest Oregon Conference 2023

Friday May 12: Presentations (9am-3:30pm)/ Saturday May 13: Field demonstration (9am-1pm)

Host: Umpqua Community College, Jacoby Auditorium, Roseburg, Oregon


R Bruce Bury, Zoologist (Emeritus), US Geological Survey
Gwen W. Bury, PNW Research Station, US Forest Service
Cindy Haws, Umpqua Community College & Umpqua Natural Leadership Science Hub
Janice Reid, Umpqua Watersheds


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Registration Deadline is May 1, 2023.


Schedule (Subject to Change)  May 12, 2023

 09:00am  Introduction and Overview. RB Bury and GW Bury

Biogeography, Stream continuum, Roles in food webs

Key players. Unique Species. Temperature Constraints

Status and Conservation Highlights

10:00  ***Break


10:15am  Tribute to Terrestrials

    Klamath Black and Red-backed Salamanders in Rogue River Valley.

Jason Reilly BLM and others

10:30am Headwaters Amphibians

     Ancient Tailed Frog – America’s iconic survivor. RB Bury

     Elusive Torrent Salamanders – Highly specialized.   GW Bury

     Giant Salamanders Rule – Common and large predator — stream food webs.

11:45am  Discussion: Conservation and Management of Headwaters Amphibians

Michael Parker, SOU (retired) and others


12:00 *** Lunch on own (best to bring own; some eateries 5 min away)


12:45pm  Foothill Yellow-legged Frog

Overview of natural history.  Don Ashton, Applied River Sciences


1:15pm    Northwestern Pond Turtle

Turtles galore or gone?

Ecology, status and conservation. R.B, Bury, Gwen Bury, Don Ashton


1:45pm *** Break


2:00pm Turtle Studies in SW Oregon

Surveys along Rogue River.  Jason Reilly, BLM Medford; Don Ashton

Klamath River Reservoirs.  Don Ashton

In ponds and lakes.  RBB, M Parker others?

Protection of nesting areas

Status and Conservation measures afoot (to list or not to list…)


3:00pm  Discussion: Status and Management of W Pond Turtle

Michael Parker, Professor (Emeritus), So Oregon University

Frank Slavens, Washington (possibly remote)




3:30pm End