“Scenes of the Umpqua”

Throughout the year, we will be collecting photographs which capture the beauty and splendor of the Umpqua watershed. We are hoping to compile these into a calendar next year. If you have a photograph (horizontal-orientation) which you might like to be considered, please email it to ryan@umpquawatersheds.org along with your name, and where it was taken.

Be sure to include “Scenes of the Umpqua” in the subject line of your email.


Images that depict flora, fauna, and landscapes in the region will be displayed below as we receive them – with newest ones at the top.

Above: “Spotted Towhee on North Bank” by Janice Reid

Above: “Junco Hanging Out on Magnolia” by Anya Shortridge

Above: “Sunrise on the Umpqua” by Kasey Hovik

Above: “New Perspective” by Ryan Kincaid

Above: “Impressive Tree” by Ryan Kincaid

Above: “North Bank Habitat Management Area” by Ryan Kincaid