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Links to Environmental and Government Web Sites

Local Links:

BLM: Coos-Bay District and Roseburg District webpages are no longer being maintained.

Citizens Against LNG (CAL)

Concerned citizens of the South Coast of Oregon who are against the proposed LNG (liquefied natural gas) Import Terminal in this area due the dangers of having it so close to a populated area.

DEQ: Formosa Abandoned Mine Cleanup

Details the recent involvement of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in evaluating the Riddle-area mine and its severely impacted watershed.

DEQ: Umpqua's 303d list

Department of Environmental Quality. Click on Umpqua (left side) and 100 (right side) to view a list of all our polluted rivers and creeks and a summary of what is wrong with them..

Landslide on Sundance Mountain in Dillard, Oregon

Part of Sundance Mountain came down in a landslide in early February 2004 due to a mining operation as predicted by neighbors who were ignored repeatedly by their local government officials.

Little River Adaptive Management Area

in Douglas County, run by the UNF and BLM. See what forest projects are going in this area south of Glide.

The News-Review

Douglas County's almost daily Newspaper.


According to their web page, the Northwest Fisheries Science Center [better known as NOAA, formerly NMFS] says, "The center conducts research to help conserve and manage living marine resources and their habitats in the Northwest Pacific Ocean." Ha! A commonly known fact: they are timber industry rollovers.

Oregon Department of Forestry Elliot State Forest page

In-depth page about the Elliot State Forest, a fragile ecosystem at risk of deforestation.


A group who works to restore the North Umpqua river system's wild fish stocks, particularly steelhead, to a sustainable level that is consistent with optimum natural population levels.

Umpqua National Forest

Perhaps someday, but not now, they will post documents for public input on Umpqua timber sales. There is a good map of our area here.

Regional Links:

Cascadia Wildlands Project

monitors environmentally destructive projects, educates, organizes and agitates for a more compassionate and responsible relationship with the ecosystems of the bioregion.

Center for Environmental Equity

CEE protects public land, water, and wild places from mining degradation.

For The Sake of Salmon

Helping to implement Oregon's Salmon Restoration Initiative.

Freedom of Information Act

A web site designed to help citizens access public records from state and federal government agencies. This web site includes sample state and federal public record requests and appeals, information on what documents must be provided by government agencies, and email links to the state public record laws of all 50 states.

Headwaters Environmental Center

Learn more about timber sales and forest protection issues, covering the Rogue River watershed and the Klamath/Siskiyou bioregion. The site presents issues of Headwaters' quarterly journal, FOREST NEWS, as well as news updates and Action Alerts.

Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center

is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of biological diversity and wild places in the Klamath Siskiyou Bioregion and monitors management activities of 5 million acres of public land.

McKenzie River Gathering Foundation (MRG)

is dedicated is to help build the progressive movement in Oregon by funding projects that promote institutional change and challenge the vast inequities that create and perpetuate economic injustice, war, racism, sexism, homophobia and environmental destruction.

Northwest Ecosystem Alliance

protects and restores wildlands in the Pacific Northwest.

Northwest Old Growth Campaign

protects the last of our ancient forests, for wildlife, clean water, and future generations.

Oregon Heritage Forests

A site to help you understand and get involved in the BLM revision management plans for western Oregon public forests.

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

is a non-partisan organization whose purpose is to educate voters about how their legislators vote on the environment and to hold those legislators accountable.

Oregon Natural Resources Council

is a conservation consortium promoting environmental protection by educating the public and influencing the public's servants through legal and legislative processes. Lots of good local information here.

Oregon Wild Campaign

seeks permanent Wilderness protection for Oregon's public forest roadless areas 1,000 acres and larger. The program will also work to provide ecosystem restoration of public lands adjacent to core wilderness areas in order to heal damaged watersheds and support the values such as habitat for salmon, rare and endangered animal and plant species, biodiversity, quiet wilderness recreation activities and clean drinking water.

The Lands Council

preserves and revitalizes Inland Northwest forests, water, and wildlife through advocacy, education, effective action, and community engagement. Beaver Solutions, The Lands Council’s campaign to promote the benefits of restoring beavers in Eastern Washington as an alternative to large new water storage dams in the Columbia River Basin, can be seen on YouTube by visiting their website at http://www.landscouncil.org/beaversolution.

The Sierra Club Oregon Chapter

is devoted to environmental issues arising in the state of Oregon. The Chapter is comprised of 6 local groups, each covering a specific portion of the state.

The Siskiyou Regional Education Project

For future generations of all species, the Siskiyou Project is the grassroots network dedicated to permanently protecting the globally outstanding Klamath-Siskiyou forests from logging, mining and habitat destruction. The Siskiyou Project combines science, education and advocacy to build an inspired and effective national constituency for this special place..

Witnesses Against Lawless Logging

WALL and Oregon Wildlife Federation (WALL's sponsor) are dedicated to the premise that we can and will successfully defend our children's heritage. We will fight nonviolently to save every square inch of our ancient forests.

National Links:

American Lands Alliance

Formerally Western Ancient Forest Campaign, American Lands Alliance is dedicated to the protection and recovery of North American native forest, grassland, and aquatic ecosystems; the preservation of biological diversity; the restoration of watershed integrity; and the promotion of environmental justice in connection with these goals.

Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund

Earthjustice (formerly Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund) is the non-profit law firm for the environment. They helped us enforce the Aquatic Conservation Strategy in front of Judge Rothstein.

Forest Conservation Portal

A portal and internet search tool that provides access to reviewed forest conservation news and information.

Green Fire

Green Fire produces communication materials and strategies for use in public interest outreach and education campaigns. Check out environmental issues on Green Fire's new website, with streaming video clips and easy email action items.

National Forest Protection Alliance

is a national alliance of organizations and state chapters dedicated to protecting public lands from commercial exploitation, and in particular, protecting federal public lands from commercial logging.


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