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Fall 2017

Published September 8th, 2017 in KQUA 99.7 "The River"


Umpqua Watershed’s Environmental Option to Stations Polluting the Airwaves

Roseburg’s newest radio station has finally arrived. In Early March, KQUA went on the air at the 96.5 signal. The station plays a blend of Adult Alternative and Alternative Rock music.

On September 1, 2017, KQUA moved to a new signal. KQUA can now be found on the 99.7 signal. The new KQUA 99.7 plays fresh new music along with the great songs we already play. The new 99.7 will also feature thought provoking talk shows.

Part of the goal of KQUA is education and information. Not only is this a subtle requirement of the license, it is a goal of Umpqua Watersheds to provide that content. KQUA will begin broadcasting its first community talk shows in the coming weeks.

Two shows are currently in production. Stanley Petrowski, president of Umpqua Watersheds will host the show “Radio Active Restoration.” A show that highlights the work of UW and great things to come, along with environmental news and guest speakers. “Umpqua Brew Talk” is another show in production. Umpqua Brew Talk will be hosted by Trick Schneider and Kasey Hovik. The show will talk about craft brewing, local brewers and local events.

Other great shows will be produced that promote positive topics like, preserving the environment, community events, and left-leaning politics. The new 99.7 will also run various types of music programming such as an unsigned artist show and other types of music similar to current format.

KQUA is currently seeking volunteers. If you would like to host a show, edit audio, or promote the station on the streets, contact us. KQUA is a non-profit entity, it relies solely on donations and community support. Soon, listeners will be able to show their support via Businesses can provide support, and in return, their business will be mentioned on the air as a donor.

Patrick (Trick) Schneider (left) and Stan Petrowski (right)

re-tune the antenna for the new frequency.

Don’t forget to turn the power off guys!


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