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Published June 18th, 2019 in DCPARC

John Hunter

Douglas County Parks Advisory Resource Committee completed it’s first of four riverside trail clean ups for the City of Roseburg. In April Thanks to everyone that helped.

We had a booth at the Earth Day Energy Fair on April 20. Thanks to everyone who brought raffle tickets to help with our fundraising efforts.

We held a May Day Rally for Transparency in front of the County Courthouse. A small but vocal group used the opportunity to express our demand for transparency of policy, procedure and actions related to our county parks.

We continue to follow the progressĀ of the 25 County parks where logging plans were submitted as a result of damages from February’s snow storm. Of special concern is Iverson Park. The County’s slow response to address the situation there has resulted in illegal firewood cutting, damage to the meadow and slash piles being set on fire and left unattended.

The proposed sale of five County park properties along the North Umpqua River is of significant interest to DCPARC and we are closely monitoring the situation. Western Rivers Conservancy is the broker on this deal for BLM. Hopefully, these properties will benefit from BLM ownership.

We are delighted that DCPARC member and UW treasurer, Kat Stone, was reelected to a 4-year term to the Douglas County Special Transportation District. We believe she will help create a better public transportation system for all of Douglas County.

DCPARC is committed to monitoring and actively engaging our county government to improve transparency and accountability of our elected officials as it relates to how the county manages our county park system.

Please join us on June 15, 9:30 am for our next riverside trail cleanup day Umpqua Watersheds office. Pictures to follow.