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Episode 4: Observing Birds & Other Wildlife

Published June 22nd, 2021
In this episode, we heard from Damon Lesmeister and Matthew Hunter about how technology is being used to help researchers collect data about birds, and some tips and suggestions for attracting birds and other wildlife to your yard. Links/Websites Mention...

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North Umpqua Trail Jessie Wright section hike

Published June 21st, 2021

June 19, 2021

Five folks enjoyed the Jessie Wright section of the NUT hiking below the volcanic remnants of Old Man Rock and Eagle Rock while watching the kayakers on the river. At a creek crossing we came upon a perfect place for a dunk to cool off.  We came out at Soda Springs along [...]

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Outreach Update Summer 2021

Published June 19th, 2021

Kasey Hovik


Over the last 14 months, Umpqua Watersheds has shown remarkable resiliency in the face of the pandemic and the restriction on gatherings for events. Our first major virtual event last year was the 2020 Virtual Membership Banquet, and Spring/Summer Fundraising Campaign. It was a big success as we were able to [...]

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From the Conservation/ Legal Director Summer 2021

Published June 19th, 2021

Angela Jensen

Conservation is a broad topic. Yet I often find that I center my newsletter articles on topics related to forestry and climate change. So, for this newsletter I am going to address a different issue entirely- the ubiquitous use of herbicides. More specifically, I want to reach out to our readers with something [...]

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Wilderness Committee Update Summer 2021

Published June 19th, 2021

Robbin Schindele

In late May Wilderness Committee members presented an overview of the Crater Lake Wilderness proposal (CLWP) to an enthusiastic group from the Many Rivers Chapter of the Oregon Sierra Club and Oregon state officials. The event was recorded and sent out to their membership to determine if the Sierra Club Oregon is [...]

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Published June 19th, 2021

Alysia Gaye’s love of nature started early in life. In the early nineties, she made a trip to the Northwest to check out the forest, waterfalls, wild places, and rivers. Captivated by the beauty of nature, she moved to Oregon in 1994. Upon arriving, she stopped at the North Umpqua River, [...]

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Published June 19th, 2021

Ken Carloni

Greetings once again, fellow conservationists! As I noted in our Virtual Banquet, this is the last newsletter in which I will be greeting you as president. New officers will be elected at our June board meeting, and we will announce new officers shortly thereafter.
We have been very active in the last [...]

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Published June 19th, 2021

Ken Carloni, Restoration Chair

In my Restoration Report in our Virtual Banquet video, I outlined a number of ongoing restoration projects Umpqua Watersheds is working on with coalitions of like-minded organizations. Here, I’d like to fill in some of the details on two important initiatives involving salmon and steelhead runs on the North Umpqua River:


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The Summer Newsletter is available online!

Published June 11th, 2021

Summer Newsletter 2021

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Education Update… Summer 2021

Published June 10th, 2021

Ryan Kincaid

As Spring Turns to Summer…

The past few months saw several education and outreach activities from Umpqua Watersheds. Our training for local educators – “Learning

in the Umpqua Watershed” invited twelve teachers from Douglas County for a full day of workshops designed to help them incorporate more nature, environmental awareness, STEAM, and creative [...]

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