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Published June 18th, 2019

Presidents Report.. Stan Petrowski

 “I Heard It Through The Grape Vine”

 This year I will have served on the Umpqua Watersheds Board of Directors for ten years. Of those ten years I have spent eight on the Executive Committee. Three as VP and five as President. Recently I announced to the Board that I would [...]

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Eastwood GPS Scavenger Hunt

Published May 31st, 2019
  • Our final Science Wednesday was a celebration of Spring and the beautiful outdoors! Eastwood has the ideal campus for a GPS scavenger hunt–lots of space to roam and search for goodies. They tested their knowledge from previous lessons by answering review questions and were rewarded with yummy treats. It was the perfect finale to my [...]

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    Keeping up with Pace, hiking around Douglas County

    Published May 30th, 2019

    Secretary of Umpqua Watersheds, Diana Pace keeps moving and it has been noticed.

    Diana was recently featured in a local paper, the News Review, in the Visitor guide section.

    Check it out.

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    The UW AmeriCorps mentioned in local article

    Published May 30th, 2019
    Fifth graders explore the outdoors at Camp Eastwood


    Umpqua Watersheds AmeriCorps work with students at Camp Eastwood. More great things from our staff.

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    One of our own makes the Corvallis, Oregon news!

    Published May 17th, 2019

    Recently, Cheyanne Rico, a former Board of Director member, Wilderness chair, Banquet committee MC, OYCC member and Roseburg native made the news in Corvallis. Cheyanne is working on her degree in Natural Resources which she started at UCC. Cheyanne’s success is a tribute to her hard work and we are proud of her. We find [...]

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    KQUA in the Spotlight

    Published May 10th, 2019

    Our own Patrick Schneider was highlighted on the front of the UCC summer catalog.
    Click here for a link to the schedule and the story.



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    What animal is THAT?

    Published April 25th, 2019

    Last month, we were lucky enough to receive a grant from the Gray Family Foundation to boost our education programs. We got tons of awesome supplies to make Science Wednesday an even more exciting program, making more hands-on activities and experience possible. Some of the items we got are animal skull replicas–they are a neat [...]

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    The Water Cycle

    Published April 23rd, 2019

    The Water Cycle provides many hands-on learning opportunities about our own watershed. Students interacted in a story about pollution and the Umpqua River and created their own rainclouds in a cup.

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    Weather & Climate

    Published April 23rd, 2019

    These students are no strangers to wild weather events–Roseburg had its own snowstorm just a couple months ago. The day we did these experiments it was foggy then sunny then raining. The students kept this in mind while completing activities on weather and climate. The big finale was a snowstorm in a jar. Pretty cool! [...]

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    Science Wednesday at Eastwood

    Published April 23rd, 2019

    The first week at Eastwood was a hit! Students loved learning about the properties of water and practicing the water chemistry experiments. The properties of cohesion and adhesion really amazed them.

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