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Education Update Dec 2021

Published December 8th, 2021

Lots of Learning in 2021

Director of Education & Outreach ~ Ryan Kincaid

2021 saw lots of change and growth in terms of Umpqua Watersheds’ educational programs! With COVID still going strong, we created new opportunities for youths and adults to learn about local environmental issues. Here are a few highlights from the [...]

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KQUA Update Dec 2021

Published December 8th, 2021

KQUA update…Patrick Schneider

It’s been a productive year for 99.7 KQUA. We have launched new programs, expanded our playlist, and have been working to improve our signal strength.

In the last year, 99.7 KQUA launched three new radio programs. President of Umpqua Watersheds, Janice Reid launched a music program called Earth in Tune [...]

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly….

Published December 8th, 2021

Conservation Committee Update:

Janice Reid & Angela Jensen

Let’s start with a few “good” news items. In 2019, Oregon conservation groups filed ballot initiatives to reform Oregon’s outdated Forest Practices Act (Act). Concerned with the lack of environmental and habitat protection afforded by the Act, conservation groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with [...]

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Introducing our NEW Environmental Education and Outreach Leader!

Published December 8th, 2021

Hello, Umpqua Watersheds community! My name is Viviana Young and I am the new Environmental Education and Outreach Leader for Umpqua Watersheds via the United Communities AmeriCorps program. So far I have gotten to know several colleagues, all of whom have been wonderful, helpful, and welcoming. I will soon be running the “Living Downstream” podcast [...]

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President’s Report Dec 2021

Published December 7th, 2021

Lately, I have been reviewing some of the newsletters from 20 years ago. Three aspects jumped out at me:

  • Some of the stories from those years were about the struggles to preserve the remaining old-growth forest, prevent clear-cut harvest methods on federal land, and protect roadless areas ( It is obvious that those struggles [...]

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    Umpqua Watersheds Executive Director talks about the Forest Accord

    Published November 26th, 2021
    ‘A new vision for forestry’ created through compromise between timber industry, environmentalists 1 of 2

    Lone Rock land management crew member Jose Calvillo plants 2-year-old Douglas fir seedlings in the Callahan Mountains west of Roseburg in 2017. Photo credit by MICHAEL SULLIVAN/The News-Review

    Robyn Bath [...]

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    UW joins with other Conservation Groups to question Danger Tree removal on the Umpqua National Forest

    Published November 22nd, 2021

    Last month Umpqua Watersheds filed a complaint against the US Forest Service challenging their decision to indiscriminately remove trees along 65 miles of public roads comprising nearly 2600 acres of the Umpqua National Forest.

    On Aug 18, 2021, the Forest Service issued a final decision on its proposed Archie Creek Fire Roadside Danger Tree Project [...]

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    Restoration Update Fall 2021

    Published September 9th, 2021


    Challenges and Opportunities


    Since the early 2000s, wildfires have been getting larger, faster moving, and more destructive to homes, infrastructure, and forestlands. This is partly due to climate change and partly due to the legacy of the wholesale conversion of native forests to highly flammable tree [...]

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    Conservation Committee Update Fall 2021

    Published September 9th, 2021

    Public Trust and Oregon’s Private Forests, Part 1… Angela Jensen

    Environmental groups, like-minded individuals, and families in rural Oregon have long been concerned about industrial logging practices on private lands. With the unrestricted leveling of forest habitat and ecosystems, the ubiquitous use of pesticides, and the disregard for neighboring citizens sharing water and atmosphere, [...]

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    Remembering Joseph Gult

    Published September 9th, 2021

    Joseph “Josef” Donald Gult Jr., 72, a resident of a Forest Grove Memory Community, died Wednesday morning, April 21, 2021, at the Hillsboro Medical Center in Hillsboro from leukemia. Josef and his wife violinist Kim Angeles both love nature and the Natural World. Josef played beautiful guitar and had a wonderful smile to go [...]

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