Application for Board of Directors

Umpqua Watersheds is accepting applications for new board members for the 2024-2025 year. Our team of energetic board members would love to incorporate your expertise and energy into a successful conservation structure. This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge of conservation around Douglas County and add your voice and skills to further the mission of Umpqua Watersheds to make a better community.

We need more voices and expertise to represent our community in areas various areas of our mission.

In the area of conservation, we could use your skills and knowledge about federal, state and private projects that impact our community including forest management, water conservation, wildlife or other aspects of conservation. The Crater Lake Wilderness Campaign keeps the pressure on the agencies to make sure we have as much wild in our county and places where we can “self isolate” with ease. Thanks to the efforts of Umpqua Watersheds, our ability to distance ourselves from others remains strong!

Restoration of our damaged ecosystems in the Umpqua could also use your energy. Our state still considers the beaver a nuisance, ignores the importance of lamprey, and forgets that water retention in forests is key to long term output of water from our forests through our dry summers among others.

We reach the community through outreach events that make connecting fun and enjoyable. Our radio station KQUA has provided a valuable outlet to the community and is about to go “live streaming” to reach even further than we have before. Interesting and informative talk shows and great music make listening to KQUA a great alternative and we have wonderful underwriters but we could use more help in getting the word out.

Our education efforts ensure that the scientific information about our ecosystems and the relation to our existence is available to the young people of the community and those interested in the environmental world.

Please consider joining our organization. Your skills could make a difference in our community. We are ready to incorporate your energy and skills. No experience necessary!

Deadline for application is October 1, 2024

For application material and submissions, please contact or mail to PO Box 101, Roseburg, OR 97470